Comstock Gold & Copper

Strategic Location In Southern B.C. Mining Country 

Proximity to:

Comstock Geology Overview (Gold-Rich VMS & Porphyry Potential)

3,610 contiguous hectares

The property lies within the Western Belt of the Nicola Volcanic Group at the south-western extent of the Quesnel Terrane. The property sits near several prominent epithermal and porphyry deposits within the Nicola Group including Highland Valley Copper Mine, New Craigmont Mine, New Afton Mine, and Kodiak MPD.

The geological setting of the Comstock Property allows for the potential of both volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits from the period of the Nicola arc emergence as well epithermal and porphyry deposit potential from its geographic location to intrusive bodies related to know porphyry-type mineral deposits.

Historic Occurences + 2023 Exploration

2023 New Rhyolite Zone Discovery 

2023 Refined Drill Targets